Stephen Frink Underwater Photo Instruction

Digital Master Class - Little Cayman, Southern Cross Club, October 2014

Digital Master Class - Key Largo, June 6-13, 2015

Digital Master Class - Little Cayman, Southern Cross Club

October 11 - 18, 2014

Price $2950 Accommodations, $975 Instruction

Accommodations package - $2950, all inclusive including all meals, scuba diving, diving, complimentary Nitrox; and optional dive excursion to Cayman Brac.
Instruction package - $975, includes underwater photo instruction and daily projection critique by Stephen Frink, and Lightroom/Photoshop instruction by Photoshop Hall of Famer, Eddie Tapp.

Little Cayman is a perfect venue for underwater photography, with brilliant water clarity and the famed Bloody Bay Wall just offshore. Friendly grouper, schools of photogenic tropical fish, and some of the best wide angle backgrounds in the Caribbean contribute to make this a photographer’s paradise. Our group of students and friends will largely occupy the Southern Cross Club for this week, creating an rare opportunity to enjoy live-aboard intimacy with land-based privacy and conveniences. Because we will charter both their dive boats, we can choose the sites best optimized for the lens in use, and by spreading the group out to two smaller boats on two separate mooring buoys each day, the photo opportunities will be significantly enhanced for all. This is an intentional advantage, designed to reduce competition for any particular marine life encounter.

October is typically a time of warm water, calm seas, and excellent visibility; but also a less frequently traveled time in the Caribbean. In the heart of the tourist season Bloody Bay and Jackson Bight can have a lot of diver pressure on the available mooring buoys. Scheduling this seminar for on "off season" gains us better access to premium dive sites without waiting.

Digital Master Class - Key Largo

June 6 - 13, 2015

Course $1,295
Accommodations Marina Del Mar Resort $915 per room (up to 2 per room)
Diving with Ocean Divers $595 (2 tank dives X 6 days)

Prerequisite - Minimum 1 years experience with digital SLR and housing. Must have a laptop computer for class.

UW Photo Instructor - Stephen Frink
Digital Imaging Guru - Eddie Tapp

We embrace digital imaging underwater for so many reasons. The ability to capture more images on a single dive and the immediacy of review on the camera’s LCD are some of the obvious benefits of digital imaging. There is no reason not to embrace digital imaging, except for the uncertainty of a rather complex paradigm. An immersive week on location with Stephen Frink can show the workflow efficiencies and creative techniques to make you a much more accomplished digital shooter.

There are now a number of high quality underwater housings for a variety of high-end digital SLR camera, and our digital seminar is structured to optimize the hardware issues with these housings, ports, and strobes; as well as software used for browsing, archiving, and processing digital images. This course is held only in the summer in Key Largo to assure the best possible weather and water clarity conditions. Key Largo also offers the advantage of the infrastructure of Stephen’s studio, staff, and longtime friends at Ocean Divers.

Actually, summer in Key Largo may offer the world’s best underwater classroom, with clear water and massive fish populations within the protected waters of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and the special Sanctuary Preservations Areas (no-take zones) off Key Largo. Our group operates as a private charter aboard Ocean Divers’ 48-foot custom dive boat Santana. Set up perfectly for day diving with underwater photographer’s convenience in mind, the Santana offers a wide and stable platform, dual camera tables, camera rinse tanks, and fresh water showers. The daily choice of dive sites is dictated by the kinds of subjects we are covering, chosen for the best opportunities for wide angle, macro, or fish photographs.

The course template includes daily two tank dives and classroom sessions. There will be guest lectures by Photoshop guru Eddie Tapp as well. Like Stephen, Eddie is a Canon Explorer of Light, additionally a member of the Photoshop Hall of Fame, and an all around nice guy.

This course is optimized for those using digital SLR cameras, and laptop computers optimized for image processing. The course is limited to 16 students to assure personal attention and ample review time for the projected digital images. Traditionally the limited participation means these courses sell out quickly, so book early to reserve a spot! The course fee for Stephen Frink’s Digital Master class is $1295. Additional expenses include the diving and lodging packages. We recommend participants stay at Marina Del Mar, as the pricing is reasonable and it is directly adjacent to Ocean Divers.

Here are a few shots from the 2012 Digital Master Class in Key Largo, as well as an article in Alert Diver.

Digital Master Class - Key Largo

August 8 - 15, 2015

Price $1,295, Accommodations Marina Del Mar Resort approx. $915 per room (up to 2 per room), Diving with Ocean Divers $595 (2 tank dives X 6 days)

Due to popular demand following our extraordinarily successful 2014 Digital Masters class we are offering a second summer session! While Key Largo has always been photographically productive, summer 2014 was off the charts. We discovered massive schools of fish, and wonderful water quality that precipitated ample new coral growth. The quality and productivity from all the shooters in the class convinced us that summer in Key Largo is the best place in this hemisphere for underwater photo education. Each class, the June and the August sessions, are limited to just 16 students.

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